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«  A place where friends can have fun and forget all their worries.  »


«  A place to get together, chat, create and unwind! Thank you M100L!  »


«  M100L is a place where I can enrich my creativity and feel well surrounded without judgment. It's a place that reminds me that I can be myself and that my dreams are not far-fetched.  »


«  Fun times, relevant information, friendly and pleasant, and times to be yourself without being judged.  »


«  La Maison 100 limites is a place where I can let go, where I feel confident to evolve at my own pace. When I arrived, I quickly felt that I belonged. I'm welcomed in both my highs and my lows, and that's the strength of La M100L.  »


«  A welcoming resource where you feel at home!  »


«  Meetings, recreation, laughter and fun, activities, sharing lessons, listening and resources: it's all that and more at La Maison100 Limites. It got me out of my loneliness and boosted my self-confidence and self-esteem.  »