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La Maison 100 Limites is a resource created by people living with BPD, for people living with BPD, in collaboration with specialized caregivers motivated to listen and support them.

It offers a new approach in the form of a caring therapeutic community. Our aim is to enable people living with borderline personality disorder to experience joy and success.

We offer gender-neutral groups, i.e. spaces where only people of the same sex can meet and talk. This feminist practice aims to create a climate of trust and safety for people who experience gender-based discrimination or violence.

We respect everyone’s gender identity, and invite our members to choose the group that he/she identifies with.


Participatory therapeutic activites promote recovery and social integration. These activities offer the opportunity to develop skills, projects and self-confidence, while avoiding isolation and rejection.

They also provide an opportunity for :

  • Mutual support;
  • Entertainment;,
  • Personal development;,
  • Acquire the basic skills needed for social and professional activities;,
  • Peer-to-peer sharing and support.
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Training courses

The training courses we offer are educational and participative sessions designed to strengthen the knowledge and skills of people who identify with borderline personality disorder (BPD).

These training sessions cover a variety of topics relevant to recovery, such as understanding BPD, managing emotions, communication, self-esteem, interpersonal relationships and more.

These courses are led by peer helpers or trained professionals. In this way, they contribute to the social integration of people who identify with BPD, by offering them a space for learning, support, respect and recognition.

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The adapted accommodation project is currently under development, with the aim of offering a dozen or so temporary places to women who need a safe, structured springboard into a responsible life. They will be supported in their efforts to recover and integrate. Entering this shelter will be like coming back home to recharge your batteries, and then returning to face life with peace of mind.

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Become a member

Becoming a member supports the mission of La M100L and gives you access to all the services we offer.

«  A place where friends can have fun and forget all their worries.  »


«  A place to get together, chat, create and unwind! Thank you M100L!  »


«  M100L is a place where I can enrich my creativity and feel well surrounded without judgment. It's a place that reminds me that I can be myself and that my dreams are not far-fetched.  »


«  Fun times, relevant information, friendly and pleasant, and times to be yourself without being judged.  »


«  La Maison 100 limites is a place where I can let go, where I feel confident to evolve at my own pace. When I arrived, I quickly felt that I belonged. I'm welcomed in both my highs and my lows, and that's the strength of La M100L.  »


«  A welcoming resource where you feel at home!  »


«  Meetings, recreation, laughter and fun, activities, sharing lessons, listening and resources: it's all that and more at La Maison100 Limites. It got me out of my loneliness and boosted my self-confidence and self-esteem.  »