Mieux vivre avec la personnalité limite – French only


This book has been written to help those who suffer from it (and those who support them) to recognize themselves, to inspire their recovery process and to find hope.


UNDERSTANDING WHY YOU LIVE WITH A FEELING OF EMPTINESS, EMOTIONAL RUSSIAN MOUNTAINS OR ANGER IN THE FACE OF ABANDONMENT Bringing together the expertise of researchers, a clinician and people living with Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), this book has been written to help sufferers (and those who accompany them) recognize themselves, inspire their recovery process and find hope. It supports self-management of health and will enable individuals with relational and identity-related difficulties to take the first steps towards wellness. – Avenues for improvement designed for anyone on the borderline personality disorder spectrum. – The four phases of recovery. – Never-before-published texts recounting the daily lives of people with BPD. Julie Desrosiers is an occupational therapist, professor at the Haute École de travail social et de la santé in Lausanne (Switzerland) and associate professor at UQTR. Catherine Briand is an occupational therapist, professor at UQTR, researcher and founder of the Centre d’études sur la réadaptation, le rétablissement et l’insertion sociale. Mélanie-Karine Dubé is a French teacher. Rhina Maltez is a yoga teacher. Janie Groulx is a clinical occupational therapist.

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